Install Fire Equipment

Install Fire Equipment

Commercial and Residential

We install fire protection equipment for both Commercial and Residential premises. We believe in being proactive to avoid the loss of lives, property and business in the event of a fire. 

Fire & Safety Doors

Fire smoke, heat and flames can spread at lightning speed. Containment via a Fire Door Set is your best chance of escaping injury and reducing damage.

Emergency Lighting

During a fire power outage, emergency lights will illuminate, to visually indicate the fastest and safest route for occupants to exit the building.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are ideal for offices, home or small kitchen use. Fire blankets are fixed using a simple single fixing such as a hook or screw.

Fire Extinguishers

Fixed and Portal Fire Extinguishers are part of a balanced fire protection plan. We ensure they are installed correctly & receive regular maintenance.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Water-based fire sprinkler systems provide automatic fire suppression for protection. A sprinkler system can prevent fires spreading to other areas of the building.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm system is the watch guard for any fire protection system, alerting of fires or faulty equipment. We specialise in Fire Alarm Systems.

Fire Suppression Systems

Not all fires should be extinguished using water and, sometimes water can cause as much damage as fire itself. Let us match the agent to the Hazard for you.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

A monitoring service, 24/7 alerting system that will send an alert to dispatch the appropriate help. Monitoring systems are part of a protection plan.

Fire Hose & Hydrants

A well-developed fire protection plan may include a fire hose on standpipe for emergency response to incipient stage fire. Fire hoses need to be properly installed.

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Reelistic Fire will help you match the right solution for your hazard. Simply contact us and we will gladly assist you with an obligation free quotation or answer any questions. 

Our Process

How We Work

Ensuring you are fully covered for any fire emergency. Let us Install your Fire Equipment. 


We assess both life-safety and property protection needs while building strong relationships.


Our expert designers determine the optimum technology, layout and placement.


Our skilled fire equipment installers will take the worry out of the installation process.